September 27, 2010

Raw(e) Girly

This week's theme for Raw(e) is Girly! 

When I think girly I picture little girls in pigtails with bows in their hair.  I immediately thought back to Thanksgiving dinner last year with my Family.  My little cousin, 18 months old at the time, was all dressed up in a plaid dress and pigtails with matching bows!  I had to flip back through my iPhoto and find the pictures I took of her.  They're a little blurry but hey this is Raw(e) here, SOOC shots only!  Besides taking a picture of a toddler hyped up on sugar is hard work!

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September 25, 2010

Rock Climbing

Anyone ever been rock climbing?

My boyfriend works at an indoor rock gym and that's where I hung out last night!  The place where he works has caves inside the wall you can crawl around in.  They're painted black so it's almost completely dark in there all the time.  The climbing area consists of two rooms and holds on the ceilings.  It's pretty neat when you see people come in that can scale the ceiling.  

This is one of our friends just messing around.  That cargo net you can get into when you're in the caves but he decided he was going to climb on the outside of it just for fun.  The picture on the right is another one of my friends who is an awesome climber.  He can climb just about anything there.

This last one is my friend Meaghan and I in the same spot that first picture is in.  That's where the zipline is for the caves.  You can go straight across the room on the zipline.  I haven't actually done it but I like hanging out up there, it's really cool.  

September 21, 2010

Oh How Much I....

love my new Canon Rebel T2i.  And trust me they don't have to pay me to say that (though they can if they want to hint hint Canon).  I've had this camera for a whopping 3 weeks now and to say I'm in love might be an understatement.  I take pictures everywhere, every chance I get.

I take pictures when I....

 go outside 

when I babysit 

when I walk the dog 

heck I've even taken pictures on the couch!

This camera is incredibly easy to use, in fact my boyfriend's father (who is totally not tech savvy) was playing with it earlier today and got a few great shots!  It has a ton of features and options and is easy to learn on when you're getting into photography.  I especially love how the screen changes when you change the ISO and Aperture in Live View Mode.

I'm taking a digital photo class in school this Semester so it's even easier to learn all the functions and specifics of the camera.  It doesn't hurt that I can go outside and take pictures all day while saying I'm doing my homework!

Raw(e) Smiles and Laughter

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This week's theme for Raw(e) is Smiles and Laughter and the first thing that came to mind was a picture I took of the girls I watch the other day.  They were laying on the floor together and absolutely love getting their picture taken.  Of course if they try and pose for shots they come out looking kind of ridiculous but hey that's a 3 and 4 year old for ya. 

This one I caught in between poses of them just having fun with each other.  
Let me know what you think :)

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August 28, 2010


School starts on the 7th and I'm ready to rock n' roll.  I'm taking 4 classes: Digital Photography, ASL, Nutrition, and English Comp.  English is online and the rest are night classes that meet once a week for about 3 hours each time.

I bought all my supplies and my three hundred dollar textbooks... Yikes!  Did I mention I'm borrowing one from my friend saving me another 60 dollars!?  It's ridiculous how much they charge us for these things.  Oh well, what can I do about it?

I'm totally excited about my new planner which happens to be covered in, what else?, Elephants.  I'll have to post pictures of my entire organizational set up later this week.  I went cleaning crazy two days ago and have everything set up for classes to start.

I also bought this super neat iPhone app called iStudiez Pro.  It holds all my class, homework and grade information.  It has a nifty calendar and calculates my grades for each individual class as well as my overall GPA.  I'll let you know how all that actually works but for now it seems pretty cool.

In other news, I didn't get to go to Cape Cod :( BUT I am getting my camera on Tuesday.  I'm not getting the T1i anymore, I'm getting the T2i!  I figured for the extra hundred bucks it's totally worth it.  Not that I have a ton of extra money but I am getting my financial aid return in October and that will be a great help.

June 10, 2010

Photography and Technology

A few months from now I'll be taking Photography classes through HVCC.  I'll probably also take some graphic design type classes while I'm there.  Next month I'll be getting the Canon Rebel T1i.  I'm uber excited about it.  The rebel is an amazing camera and I'm so excited to get my hands on one.  

I'll be using it on my adventure to Cape Cod the 3rd week in July.  I should have a pretty good idea on how to use the features of it by then and get some amazing shots of the beach.

I'll also be getting the iPhone 4 when it's released later this month.  Now I love me some technology but I'm not only getting it because it has all the nifty new features.  I'm due for a new phone and mine has some dead pixels on the screen which are really starting to irritate me.  Though I am in love with the two cameras, facetime (video chat), slim design and bigger battery.  

It's amazing how much technology has changed in the past few years.  I mean video chat.. on a PHONE... that's nuts.  And not one but TWO cameras.  One of which is 5 megapixels.  My first digital camera didn't even have 5 megapixels, let alone my first cell phone which didn't even have a camera.  I thought it was cool that the screen changed colors when people called.  Now I think it's cool that I can record HD video.  

I Love Technology.
I Love Photography.

What do you love?

April 27, 2010

Raw(e) Red

 My Grandmother in her Red sweater, conveniently matching not only the couch but also the pictures above her.  She's my inspiration for everything I do.  She's always full of Love and Smiles for everyone. 
<3 You Grammy <3

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April 26, 2010

Old Photo Fun

My parents split up when I was around 3 or 4 years old.  My Dad moved to Florida when I was 8 and my Mom passed away when I was 12.  

I have one photo of the three of us together

I'm going to attempt to edit it, most likely in Photoshop Elements.  It's older, and seen better days.  I was about 2 or 3 in the picture so it's a good 17-18 years old.  It's also scanned in so it's not the best quality either. 

Wish Me Luck and I'll post my result.

Do you have any old family photos from your childhood that you love?  If a few people do we should link up for it.  Leave a comment and let me know.

March 16, 2010

Spring has Sprung

My favorite time of the year has arrived.  The birds have been chirping, the sun is shining and I can finally dig out my flip flops in every color of the rainbow!  I love Springtime.  There's nothing better than waking up to the sun shining through the window and seeing the kids play outside. 

Spring break is coming up for me next week.  Unfortunately my plans to head to Georgia just didn't work out so well and our trip won't be as far away, or include a beach. :(  However, Lucas and I are heading to the Great Escape Lodge and Indoor Waterpark!  I went there for my 16th birthday and had an AMAZING time.  That was the week it opened... a few years ago.  Now we'll be heading there on our own, unsupervised and old enough to rent our own room.  It really puts things into perspective.  It feels like yesterday that I was there with my Aunt and a few friends, not yet driving on my own but getting there.  Now I'm not living at home, driving my own car, and taking a vacation with just my boyfriend.  A lot happens in 4 years.  It goes by so fast.

It's time to slow down, stop racing to grow up and spend sometime just enjoying each day as it comes.  You never know how long your life is going to last.  My Mom lived to be 44, my Grandmother turns 77 in a few days.  It's amazing how life works, how the world works. Live it as it comes, Love it while it lasts and appreciate every person that walks into it. 

February 18, 2010

This Blogging Thing...

I've come to the conclusion that I should really be using this thing more often.  I 'spose it wouldn't be a bad idea to sit down a take some time to vent on my thoughts from the day, or at least the week.

Thought for Today:  Why do guys (and girls too I guess) let their significant other control their life?

 Isn't a relationship supposed to be about compromise, both people managing to work together to attain what they want?  I thought that was how it worked but apparently I'm incorrect.  I've come across so many relationships where one person changes everything, neglects their own style wants and needs for the other person.  Why?  Will the person not like them anymore if they have a personality?  Will they hate them for wanting to spend time with other people?  Is it really the end of the world?  If your relationship would really burst into flames from this, is this really the person you want to be with?

I've seen it again and again, girls not trusting their boyfriends and boys not trusting their girlfriends.  It seems to be more often the girl not trusting the guy though.  It just doesn't make sense.  I can't see being in a relationship with someone that I don't trust at all with anyone.  

I want my boyfriend to be able to live his life, hang out with who he wants to hang out with, without wasting my time worrying about what he's doing.  I don't want, or need to keep him at my side 24/7 so that I know what he's doing every second of every day.  That's not a relationship, that's a dictatorship.  I want my boyfriend to have friends, other people that he can talk to besides me, and if they happen to be girls so be it.  

I feel like some girls just have this need to be with someone all the time, to always be in a relationship so they can have that attachment.  But what good is that attachment if you don't mean it?  How is that fair to the other person?  It's not.  It's only fair to you, and that's not fair at all.