June 10, 2010

Photography and Technology

A few months from now I'll be taking Photography classes through HVCC.  I'll probably also take some graphic design type classes while I'm there.  Next month I'll be getting the Canon Rebel T1i.  I'm uber excited about it.  The rebel is an amazing camera and I'm so excited to get my hands on one.  

I'll be using it on my adventure to Cape Cod the 3rd week in July.  I should have a pretty good idea on how to use the features of it by then and get some amazing shots of the beach.

I'll also be getting the iPhone 4 when it's released later this month.  Now I love me some technology but I'm not only getting it because it has all the nifty new features.  I'm due for a new phone and mine has some dead pixels on the screen which are really starting to irritate me.  Though I am in love with the two cameras, facetime (video chat), slim design and bigger battery.  

It's amazing how much technology has changed in the past few years.  I mean video chat.. on a PHONE... that's nuts.  And not one but TWO cameras.  One of which is 5 megapixels.  My first digital camera didn't even have 5 megapixels, let alone my first cell phone which didn't even have a camera.  I thought it was cool that the screen changed colors when people called.  Now I think it's cool that I can record HD video.  

I Love Technology.
I Love Photography.

What do you love?