May 15, 2009


     I spent the day babysitting for my friend's Mom.  I watched her two boys Paddy and Kevin from 2:30-6.  Paddy came home upset about something and was very cuddly.  He then asked for "peanutmabuduh," which is a peanut butter sandwich (no jelly for him).  He ate his sandwich while playing with his trains and his older sister showed up with her daughter, little Miss Alana, around 3.  Her other brother, Kevin, got home around 3:30.  Paddy and Kevin actually managed to take turns on the computer.  Normally once Paddy takes over it, it takes an act of God to get him off of it.  But today for some reason he relinquished it to Kevin when he wanted to play.  I was shocked, and proud of the little guy.  

     Once their Dad got home, I headed to get some dinner with Alana.  Everyone at Lucas' job fell in love with her, she's hard not to love.  We headed to Luke's house and Alana napped and ate and played with Luke's Dad.  He has also been captivated by her angelic smile.

     Alana is currently sleeping next to me on Luke's bed where she has been for a few hours.  She woke up a couple times but went right back to bed once I gave her her binky.  She looks like a doll when she sleeps.  I'm not sure exactly when Shannon is coming to get her but my phone died so I can't call her.  She does however have Lucas' number so she'll call or text that eventually.  She's finally getting a night off for her and her boyfriend for the first time since Alana was born.  She was a little hesitant but I told her she could go out and enjoy herself.  Alana and I are just fine together.  She's family to me.

Also pray for MckMama whose son, Stellan, is having some problems with his little heart tonight.

May 14, 2009

First Post

I've been reading MckMama's blog and I honestly don't remember how I found it. Anyway, it inspired me to create my own. This will be my first blog post ever. When I was younger I used to have a LiveJournal that I used quite often but I haven't in about 4 years.

Since this is my first post, I suppose I should give a background on myself.

My name is Sara, I'm 19 years old (but look much younger) and live in NY. I live with my boyfriend (Lucas) at either his family's house, or mine, depending on where we decide to stay that night. When I say "my family" I'm referring to my Aunt and Grandmother (on my Mom's side). When I was 8 my Dad left us and moved to Florida with his "new family" (my step-mom, 2 half sisters and 2 step sisters). I have only seen my Dad once since he left and I've seen my oldest sister once as well. Four years later, after almost a 4 year battle, my Mom passed away from breast cancer. We were very close and I miss her all the time.

I have been with my boyfriend since October 23rd, 2006. We have decided we are sticking together. A lot of people may feel that we're too young to make that decision but we disagree. We went to the same High School (where we met the summer before 11th grade) and chose to go to the same College as well which we have been attending for 2 years going into our 3rd.

I babysit as my job, 4 days a week, Monday Tuesday Thursday and Friday. I watch two boys Patrick, whom I refer to as my little monkey, and Kevin. Patrick, or Paddy, is 9 and has autism. He's great with technology and loves Thomas the Tank Engine. Kevin just turned 11 and usually keeps to himself but loves video games and star wars. I also watch my friend's daughter, Alana. She is 3 months old and an absolute angel. I watch her every chance I get it, whenever her Mom asks.

I also love to do crafts and scrapbook. I read blogs, browse Craigslist and have started using twitter. I have a menagerie of pets (6 cats, a hamster, fish and a turtle at my house & 2 cats, a puppy, fish, a hamster, 6 mice, a bird and 2 turtles at Lucas'). For those of you who weren't counting, that's a total of 8 cats, 6 mice, 3 turtles, 2 hamsters, 1 bird, 1 puppy and several fish.

Another important thing to know about me is that I have an anxiety disorder. I take Lexapro for it and am currently doing pretty well, but I have been through some rough times. I do however have problems going places alone. I don't shop by myself and I prefer, when possible, to avoid driving alone unless it's to a set location where I know someone is waiting for me. I also don't can't sleep by myself which is another reason Lucas and I stay together at night. If you have any questions about anxiety or know anyone who is going through it please feel free to ask me. I probably know the answer.

Please leave a comment if you read my blog. It is really comforting to know there are people out there listening to what I have to say.