March 15, 2011


Since about last June, Lucas and I have been working on totally remodeling a room in his parents house, our new bedroom to be exact...

First I'll have to tell you about this house.  It's over 100 years old and all the walls are plaster and lathe.  It's old enough that they didn't use asbestos, but instead used horsehair to help the plaster bond to the walls.

The room itself had Monet style watercolor wallpaper which had definitely seen better years.

The electric was the old, original stuff and we found out that the entire upstairs ran on one breaker... not so great.

When we tore down one of the walls we found a bit of a surprise...

Yep, that's exactly what you think it is.  No, there wasn't anything living in it.

Currently we have all new electric, all new sheetrock, and all the walls have been painted!  I'm not going to post any pictures of it until it's totally done but I'm super excited we're getting there.  We did all the steps ourselves with a little help from Luke's Dad and a Family Friend (for the taping). 

We're re-purposing and building a lot of our own stuff for the room so I'll do another post on that soon!  For now I'm anticipating our (first ever) trip to IKEA and I am BEYOND thrilled!!

September 27, 2010

Raw(e) Girly

This week's theme for Raw(e) is Girly! 

When I think girly I picture little girls in pigtails with bows in their hair.  I immediately thought back to Thanksgiving dinner last year with my Family.  My little cousin, 18 months old at the time, was all dressed up in a plaid dress and pigtails with matching bows!  I had to flip back through my iPhoto and find the pictures I took of her.  They're a little blurry but hey this is Raw(e) here, SOOC shots only!  Besides taking a picture of a toddler hyped up on sugar is hard work!

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September 25, 2010

Rock Climbing

Anyone ever been rock climbing?

My boyfriend works at an indoor rock gym and that's where I hung out last night!  The place where he works has caves inside the wall you can crawl around in.  They're painted black so it's almost completely dark in there all the time.  The climbing area consists of two rooms and holds on the ceilings.  It's pretty neat when you see people come in that can scale the ceiling.  

This is one of our friends just messing around.  That cargo net you can get into when you're in the caves but he decided he was going to climb on the outside of it just for fun.  The picture on the right is another one of my friends who is an awesome climber.  He can climb just about anything there.

This last one is my friend Meaghan and I in the same spot that first picture is in.  That's where the zipline is for the caves.  You can go straight across the room on the zipline.  I haven't actually done it but I like hanging out up there, it's really cool.