September 21, 2010

Oh How Much I....

love my new Canon Rebel T2i.  And trust me they don't have to pay me to say that (though they can if they want to hint hint Canon).  I've had this camera for a whopping 3 weeks now and to say I'm in love might be an understatement.  I take pictures everywhere, every chance I get.

I take pictures when I....

 go outside 

when I babysit 

when I walk the dog 

heck I've even taken pictures on the couch!

This camera is incredibly easy to use, in fact my boyfriend's father (who is totally not tech savvy) was playing with it earlier today and got a few great shots!  It has a ton of features and options and is easy to learn on when you're getting into photography.  I especially love how the screen changes when you change the ISO and Aperture in Live View Mode.

I'm taking a digital photo class in school this Semester so it's even easier to learn all the functions and specifics of the camera.  It doesn't hurt that I can go outside and take pictures all day while saying I'm doing my homework!
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