June 11, 2009

Today is Thursday...

After a two day basement cleaning spree I'm taking a short break today to babysit. I'll be babysitting from 2:30-6 then going to a jewelry party my cousin is hosting. Best part about the party is I'll get to see my "baby" cousin Madison. I put baby in quotes because she just turned one and last I heard she can talk your ear off now. She didn't talk much at her 1st birthday party last month but that may have been because it was a bit too overwhelming for her. Though she did look quite cute and happy stuffing her face with frosting from her cake (with her hands of course). The picture above is from her birthday party last month. The ones with cake eating haven't been sent to me yet, unfortunately.

After the party I'll be heading back to the basement. It sounds like I'm sending myself into the dungeon, which I kind of am. I've been trying to make room for the things we have of mine in storage not to mention the whole thing was packed full when I moved into the house (when I was 12) and hasn't been touched since. Needless to say most of it is old useless garbage. I have donated a bunch of things so far, mostly old clothes and toys. And by the end of this spree I'll probably have donated half the basement. The plan is to turn it into a "game room" according to my Aunt but it will most likely end up another one of her rooms. She's already claimed the biggest bedroom, the living room and the garage. I would like to turn a small portion of it into my room. Right now I have the smallest room in the house. Between my bed and entertainment center I have about 10 square feet of leftover room in an L shape around the bed. It also happens to have picture windows that take up an entire wall. It would be nice if we didn't live on a main road with cars and people always passing by. And of course I'm on ground level facing the road so I almost never open the curtains and enjoy the sunlight.

Well time for bed I 'spose, since it happens to be 2:30am while I'm typing this. I'll probably blog again later with pictures from the day of Madison and the jewelry I'm probably going to have bought.