March 16, 2010

Spring has Sprung

My favorite time of the year has arrived.  The birds have been chirping, the sun is shining and I can finally dig out my flip flops in every color of the rainbow!  I love Springtime.  There's nothing better than waking up to the sun shining through the window and seeing the kids play outside. 

Spring break is coming up for me next week.  Unfortunately my plans to head to Georgia just didn't work out so well and our trip won't be as far away, or include a beach. :(  However, Lucas and I are heading to the Great Escape Lodge and Indoor Waterpark!  I went there for my 16th birthday and had an AMAZING time.  That was the week it opened... a few years ago.  Now we'll be heading there on our own, unsupervised and old enough to rent our own room.  It really puts things into perspective.  It feels like yesterday that I was there with my Aunt and a few friends, not yet driving on my own but getting there.  Now I'm not living at home, driving my own car, and taking a vacation with just my boyfriend.  A lot happens in 4 years.  It goes by so fast.

It's time to slow down, stop racing to grow up and spend sometime just enjoying each day as it comes.  You never know how long your life is going to last.  My Mom lived to be 44, my Grandmother turns 77 in a few days.  It's amazing how life works, how the world works. Live it as it comes, Love it while it lasts and appreciate every person that walks into it. 


Mel-Pie said...

Hey, I just came up on your blog on the Blog Frog. I like your posts! I was born in Georgia-- too bad you didn't get to come down for Spring Break! Have you ever been? It's beautiful, but now I live in Tennessee.

Sara said...

I haven't been to Georgia yet... I will sometime though. I've been to Florida, Louisiana, Colorado and various North-Eastern states.

I'm glad you like my posts! Gives me motivation to keep blogging. Thanks :)